Lost In The Sun

Lost In The Sun

Kevin on Vocals and Guitar
Kelly on Vocals and Guitar
Anthony on Bass
Chad on Drums

The idea of “Lost in the Sun” had been a conversation discussed many times by Anthony and Kelly. Anthony and Kelly had grown up together because their fathers were best friends since high school. They spent many summers together in Up North Wisconsin, and shared a great friendship and love for music. The only thing that stood in the way was that Anthony resided in Arizona and Kelly in Wisconsin.

In 2004, Kelly booked Anthony’s band Stereotyperider to play at her college, UW-Stout. It was then that Anthony introduced Kelly to Kevin (guitar player of Stereotyperider); the two grew close from their initial meeting, which led into Kelly moving to Arizona for the summer to live with Anthony and Kevin.

That summer, “Lost in the Sun” was born. (Lost in the Sun was a name that Kelly’s brother, Jim had suggested while making designs for the band and the name stuck.) The newly formed group recorded five songs that summer before Kelly’s departure back to Wisconsin.
Shortly after, Kevin left Arizona and joined Kelly in the blistery winter of Wisconsin. Thus, another chapter of Lost in the Sun began… From 2005 to 2007, Kevin and Kelly would write songs in Wisconsin and send whatever songs or ideas they had to Anthony, so he could work on them in Arizona. The three would get together twice a year, practice a few times, and perform in Arizona and in Solon Springs, Wisconsin.

In 2007, Anthony and his father, Frank, formed Frank and Beak Records. It was then that they decided it was time for Lost in the Sun to record their first full-length album. The three got together with their good friend and drummer, Dave Aiona King in the spring of 2007 and released the album “Head on Home”.

After the recording, Kevin and Kelly returned home to Wisconsin. Every so often Anthony, Kevin and Kelly would get together and play shows in and around phoenix, at Kevin and Kelly’s local bar Henrys, Kelly’s sisters’ wedding and always at their favorite Solon Springs, WI bar, The Foamy Top.
From 2007-2009, the song writing process remained the same, Kelly and Kevin writing from their basement apartment in Wisconsin and again would send them to Anthony, where he could write parts in Arizona.

In late December of 2009, after too much distance and way too much snow, Kevin and Kelly decided to move back to Arizona to give Lost in the Sun a try with Anthony.

From there, the three started to slowly play out and began writing new material in the same room, rather than miles apart. In October of 2010, after a Lost in the Sun show, long time friend and musician, Chad Martin had approached the band about adding a drummer to the mix. (The three had always been looking for a drummer but hadn’t found the right fit.)

After a few practices with Chad, the three were relieved for finding a great fit and welcomed Chad into the band. Lost in the Sun, hit the ground running and performed around town and practiced weekly. A new sound for Lost in the Sun emerged, more a rock band and less of an acoustic folk band that was more evident in the early years. This new sound was one that the foursome was happy to meet.

In the fall of 2010, one year after the band formed, the foursome began to talk about recording their second full-length album. After much discussion, Chad approached his good friend, Bryan Sandell of Operation Records about recording the bands album. Bryan was currently in the process of recording another artist, but welcomed the idea.

In late fall of 2010, Lost in the Sun started recording their new album, “So Close, Too Far” which will be released this spring on Operation Records.




So Close, Too Far (2011) OPREC-009